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Church dating sites uk

Schools are also told they cannot use the Christian faith or Bible teachings to justify behaviour that is considered to amount to bullying – for example, identifying a transgender pupil by a sex other than the one they have chosen.

The advice contains instructions on how to report bullying, including sample forms on which teachers are encouraged to name the alleged bully and their target, and use tick boxes to describe what happened.

The Catholic Education Service is understood to be preparing a form using ‘the family’ instead.

Drag queens are being brought into taxpayer-funded nursery schools to teach children about sexual diversity.

Andrea Minichiello Williams of Christian Concern – an evangelical member of the Cof E’s parliament, the General Synod – said: ‘These rules are unkind, unloving and lacking in compassion.

They want to target two and three-year-olds to influence them early.

The drag queens, including Donna La Mode, will read stories to the children.

The instructions for the Cof E’s 4,700 schools said they should not require children to wear uniforms that ‘create difficulty for trans pupils’.

This appears to give official backing to schools that ban skirts to avoid discrimination against transgender children.

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An adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury has quit in protest over the Church of England’s liberal teaching.

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