Rus gay dating ru

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Rus gay dating ru

Dmitry provided screenshots of the alleged attack to Towleroad.

If anyone can provide verification of the attack to us please email at tips-at-towleroad-dot-com or leave a note using the 'tips' link on the right-hand side of the site any additional info would be much appreciated.

“I just heard this was a good way to get money.”Meduza traced several almost identical incidents to an organized group of about 20 who would sometimes introduce themselves to the victims as an “NGO” called “Kindness,” telling them “We fight against people like you.” Though the verbal abuse and threats were always homophobic, their motivations appear to be financial.

Hackers completely destroyed their profiles and all their messages."On the morning of February 2nd, just a few days before the opening of the Olympic Games, users trying to open this gay app in Sochi were greeted with an alert saying that their profile was blocked for the next 55,000 minutes (38 days).

It looks like the Russian Government decided to take full control of the Internet and implement Turkish practices where Grindr has been banned for almost half a year.

After he was imprisoned (for making racist comments in a video), international media attention to gay victims targeted over the internet has died down.

Even if it wasn’t homophobic hatred that directly motivated the St.

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